New England Intellectual Property is a consulting firm located in West Newbury Massachusetts specializing in assisting companies with intellectual property matters.  NEIP is managed by Richard Baker.

Richard Baker is the President of New England Intellectual Property .  He is a Certified Licensing Professional, an Intellectual Property Licensing Executive, an inventor of Ethernet and Web technologies, and a member of the US Patent Bar. He currently serves as Trustee on the Board of the Licensing Executives Society (USA&Canada).

Rich Baker spent 5 years at 3Com Corporation of Marlborough, MA as the Director of Intellectual Property Licensing. In 2009, the 3ComLicensing Executives Society awarded Mr. Baker's Licensing Department the prestigious Licensing Achievement Award for profitable intellectual property activities during the 2009 fiscal year. The major accomplishment in the 2009 fiscal year was the licensing and sales of patented Ethernet networking technology across several deals amounting to over $87 million in revenue. In addition, Rich Baker was the lead negotiator in the settlement of 5 major defensive litigations, in some instances settling for a payout of 10% of what 3Com's competitors paid.   After Hewlett-Packard acquired 3Com in April of 2010, Mr. Baker worked for a number of months to effectuate an orderly transition of 3Com matters into the HP organization.

Prior to joining 3Com, Mr. Baker was the Director of Intellectual Property at Schneider Automation. At Schneider Schneider ElectricAutomation he developed the company’s intellectual property program, including the creation of IP strategies, the organization of a portfolio of patents, and the authoring of a number of patent disclosures. Mr. Baker designed several successful patent monetization programs at Schneider Automation.  While at Schneider, Mr. Baker was issued fifteen patents in his name in the web, embedded Ethernet, and business method areas.

Mr. Baker’s graduate studies include Intellectual Property at Franklin Pierce Law Center and Computer Science at Harvard University. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and English as a dual major from the University of New Hampshire, where he also minored in Electrical Engineering.

Rich  is an accomplished public speaker, and he holds the title of Distinguished Toastmaster from Toastmasters International.  He has served as a School Committee member on the Pentucket Regional School Committee and currently serves on the West Newbury Board of Assessors.  He was also the nominee from a major political party for the US House of Representatives in 2008.


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