Converting inventions to profitable patents

New England Intellectual Property, LLC helps our clients obtain patents and to monetize their patent assets.  We have over twenty-five years of experience converting inventive ideas into US patents.  NEIP has extensive experience drafting new patent applications and negotiating with patent examiners to get the optimal patent coverage, as well as 15 years experience appearing before the Patent Trial and Appeals Board.  As an inventor himself, NEIP President Rich Baker understands your needs as an inventor.

New England Intellectual Property also helps their clients to convert their patent assets into revenue.  We have several clients who are looking to purchase patents, and we are happy to review your patent assets to see if they meet our client's criteria.   We also have an impressive record for successfully negotiating favorable resolutions of intellectual property situations for our clients, negotiating licenses and other resolution to complex disputes.

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Patent Preparation and Prosecution

New England Intellectual Property is very successful with the drafting and prosecuting patent applications.  We help inventors understand what is unique about their inventions, and then draft solid patent applications with high quality claims.  We have a long string of successes negotiating claim scope with patent examiners.  In the past 12 months, the US Patent and Trademark Office issued over 30 patents that we prepared for our clients.  We specialize in the electrical, software, and mechanical arts.   See a sample of our work above.

We also have extensive experience handling ex parte appeals to the Patent Trial and Appeals Board, and the filing or defending of IPRs (Inter partes reviews) and CBMs (covered business methods) proceedings.

Our rates are very reasonable, and we can offer significant savings to our customers.  As an inventor himself, NEIP President Rich Baker understands the concerns and requirements of inventors.  Mr. Baker has been a member of the US Patent Bar for 22 years.

Off-shore patent prior art searches and patent drawings area available through our Off Shore Team.

Patent Monetization

New England Intellectual Property is uniquely situated to bring the highest value for your patent assets.  We have a deep Rolodex of patent buyers and the skills to turn those contacts into cash for our customers.  With over a decade of experience buying and selling patents, we have the experience to value, describe and properly market your invention.  Our patent monetization efforts have culminated in over $165 million in deals for our clients.   We also work with several companies who are looking to acquire patents.

In addition, NEIP holds an impressive record for successfully negotiating favorable resolutions of intellectual property situations for our clients. We have extensive experience with patent licensing, and with the settlement of patent litigations.  Our president, Rich Baker, is a Certified Licensing Professional (CLP) with decades of highly profitable experience.  In 2009, the 3Com Licensing Department won the 2009 Licensing Achievement Award from the Licensing Executives Society (LES) under Rich Baker's leadership.

Representing patent holders, Mr. Baker has designed and implemented a number of successful patent sales and licensing programs for various clients.  Mr. Baker is one of the few IP professionals with a successful track record at the Ocean Tomo live patent auctions, selling 3 lots out of 4 attempts for a combined sales of over $2 Million.  Mr. Baker has help the certification as a Certified Licensing Specialist sine the CLP designation was incorporated in 2011.

We are happy to assist out clients to find favorable settlement solutions to their intellectual property situations.

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Expert Witness

New England Intellectual Property's Richard Baker is uniquely qualified to serve as an expert witness on several subjects related to intellectual property.  As an accomplished speaker, he is able to clearly articulate facts to a jury or in a deposition.  As a seasoned licensing executive, Rich Baker has the knowledge and experience to opine on the intricacies of operating an intellectual property department and on the standard practices and rates used in licensing technology.  

Rich Baker has participated in thirteen depositions and has testified live before a jury many times.  He has also served as an expert witness in Authenex v EMC, GPNE v O&R Patent Law, Intellectual Ventures v Capital One, and as a consulting expert in another confidential case.



New England Intellectual Property is a consulting firm located in West Newbury Massachusetts specializing in assisting companies with intellectual property matters.  NEIP is managed by Richard Baker.  

Richard Baker, CLP is the founder and President of New England Intellectual Property, a small business located in West Newbury, Massachusetts. At NEIP, Mr. Baker assists inventors with issues related to patents, from negotiating with the US Patent Office to obtain patents, to brokering patents, to designing licensing campaigns. He has assisted startups to form around patents and designed solutions around innovative ideas. Rich Baker is a named inventor on over 35 US Patents, and has been listed by IAM Magazine as one of the world's top 300 Intellectual Property strategists for the past 10 years.

For almost five years, while running New England Intellectual Property, Mr. Baker worked as the Director of Intellectual Property for Bottomline Technologies, where he formed the Intellectual Property department and significantly expanded the patent portfolio.   At Bottomline, Rich Baker personally prepared and prosecuted 24 patent applications per year and maintained a large trademark portfolio.

Previously he worked as Director of Intellectual Property Licensing for 3Com Corporation of Marlborough, MA, a position he held from January of 2005 until Hewlett Packard acquired the company in 2010. While at 3Com, Mr. Baker was responsible for the licensing program of over 1400 U.S. patents - one of the most impressive networking technology patent holdings in the world. At 3Com, Mr. Baker was been involved in a number of licensing projects and in the management of existing licenses for 3Com.

Prior to joining 3Com, Mr. Baker was the Director of Intellectual Property at Schneider Automation. At Schneider Automation he developed the company's intellectual property program, including the creation of IP strategies, the organization of a portfolio of patents, and the authoring of a number of patent disclosures. While at Schneider, Mr. Baker was issued fifteen patents in his name and has approximately 15 patents pending in the web, embedded Ethernet, and business method areas.

Mr. Baker's graduate studies include Intellectual Property at Franklin Pierce Law Center (now UNH Law) and Applied Math/Computer Science at Harvard University. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and English as a dual major at the University of New Hampshire, where he also minored in Electrical Engineering.

Rich is the oldest of seven children and has lived most of his life in northeastern Massachusetts.

Mr. Baker resides with his wife and son in West Newbury, Massachusetts. They attend Byfield Parish Church in Georgetown. He is the President of the National Association of Patent Practitioners, a Distinguished Toastmaster, a former Treasurer of the New England Model Engineering Society and a former Trustee for the Licensing Executives Society.  He is an elected member of the West Newbury Board of Assessors, an elected State Committeeman on the Massachusetts Republican State Committee,  and has served on the Pentucket Regional School Committee. Rich ran for the US House of Representatives in 2008 and the Massachusetts Governor's Council in 2016 and 2018. 

For a detailed resume, see  Rich Baker's LinkedIn profile.


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