Business solutions to intellectual property problems

New England Intellectual Property, LLC advises corporations on ways to manage their intellectual property risk and to monetize their intellectual property assets.  We help identify potential problem areas before an intellectual property problem arises as well as with the resolution of intellectual property disputes.  Our staff has over a decade of expertise in the favorable resolution of intellectual property disputes, and has developed a methodology for preventing intellectual property disputes in the first place.

In other words, we save companies money by suggesting ways to avoid being sued and by helping companies settle suits.  We also help patent owners understand the value of their intellectual property and help them obtain top value for their patents.

New England Intellectual Property has teamed up with several experienced patent litigators to provide a fixed price, low cost defensive IPRs.  With a focus on settlement, we also offer offensive IPRs at a discount to encourge business solutions to the IPR process.

Patent Brokerage
New England Intellectual Property is uniquely situated to bring the highest value for your patent assets.  We have a deep Rolodex of patent buyers and the skills to turn those contacts into cash for our customers. We also work with several companies looking to buy patents.

Negotiations Assistance and Licensing
New England Intellectual Property holds an impressive record for successfully negotiating favorable resolutions of intellectual property situations for our clients. We are happy to assist out clients to find favorable settlement solutions to their intellectual property problems.

We offer expert witness services on the operation an intellectual property department and on the standard practices and rates used in licensing technology.  In addition, we offer expert witness services on factory automation.

Intellectual Property Risk Assessments
New England Intellectual Property specializes in performing intellectual property risk assessments for our clients. An intellectual property risk assessment is an analysis of a corporation’s practices, products, and marketing materials to identify risk areas and to suggest modifications to minimize risks within the company. It focuses on minimizing a company’s intellectual property damages profiles and allows management to make intelligent decisions on risk areas.